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You know, I really like Twelve’s seemingly signature abrasiveness. I like it for its own sake, because it gives rise to some really funny and dramatic scenes, but also (and this is more important) because it gives his compliments a genuine weight…

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that little tap on shoulder again…




Short and sort if blondish. That’s how he said Clara looked, and why wouldn’t he? He was thinking of the last time he met a “good” Dalek, the last time he was told he’d make a good Dalek, the last time he had a blonde companion.
The last two episodes have had nearly the exact same plot as two of the episodes with Rose Tyler in them, “Girl in the Fireplace” and “Dalek”, you put that with the fact that Clara is the first companion to experience a regeneration with him since Rose and of course he’d be thinking about her.
So its not surprising that he’d call Clara “blondish”, he was thinking of someone blonde…


He said roundish.

Oh my God you guys.

He literally said “short and ROUNDISH”. 

And the plot of Into the Dalek was ENTIRELY different to Dalek. 

And WHY exactly would he be thinking about Rose? She had nothing to do with the episode.

Rose, Rose, Rose… some people see Rose in every episode


I do it all for you. And your mom.

Yeah. And I hate to be the one to break this yo you, dad, but. There’s nothing you can do for us. We don’t give a damn what happens to Red John. I mean, we’re dead. Gone. And you need to start dealing with that.

I deal with that everyday.

Maybe that is the problem.

I fear we have missed him.

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