Simon Baker for Givenchy Gentlemen Only Barber Edition (x)

Tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of Jisbon wedding when saw this?

Especially the first one - it’s like he’s standing at the altar and is very nervous waiting for Lisbon… X*0

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If brothers and sisters looked at each other like this^^^, our world would be very creepy…

those looks o.O 


Moffat’s Doctors

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this sneak peek is only 1 and a half minute long, but we’ve already seen his brilliant face and of course The Penguin Run
Doctor Who 8.07 “Kill The Moon”

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Doctor Who - Kill the Moon by foreverclassic

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Thanks, RT for the glorious 4262x2842 HQ :)



I hate the BBC

The Doctor and his legs
▬ Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist” bonus gifset

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